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One-day excursions to Chernobyl


A few time ago I arrived home from my trip to Chernobyl . Two decades after the world's worst nuclear accident, it is possible to take a day trip to the centre of the disaster, less than a hundred kilometres north of Kiev. And this service https://go2chernobyl.com/en/one-day-excursion helped me with arranging my trip . At first , I was taken to the designated meeting place. Then , we entered to the The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant zone and made a circle around it . Then , we stayed at the special viewing platform with the beautiful view of the city . Through about an hour we went to the Ghost Town – Pripyat . We had a walk around the town , visited the abandoned school , kindergarten and once residential buildings . We also visited The Polesie Hotel to admire the views . Our journey ended at 7pm and we drove home. I liked our journey very much .


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