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Get eCommerce Magento 2 consulting
« on: November 25, 2021, 09:10:34 PM »
You can’t put a price on experience. We are real-world eCommerce practitioners with hundreds
of successful eCommerce projects under our belt. We’re ready to guide you through your
entire project, from planning to implementation.

You will receive answers in an accessible form to any questions related to:

Functional overview

- catalog - overview of built-in product types, product attribute management, network attribute,
product category management, product addition, filters in the category on the front;

- ordering goods - adding to cart, checkout, management of delivery and payment methods;

- multilingualism, multisite - how it is arranged, site and language management, what it gives
and how it can be used, Magento settings levels, multilingualism for product data, categories.

Magento structure

- modular architecture - advantages and features in Magento, dependencies between modules,
priority of loading of modules;

- directory structure - organization of main files, library code, agreement on the location of modules,
composer, theme structure;

- module components - module composition, responsibilities of components: controllers, models,
blocks, helpers; what is the declaration of the module, the agreement on the location of
admin controllers and units; templates and static files;

- operating modes - developer mode, production mode, default mode.

Components and configuration

- command line - overview of features, clearing the cache, viewing information, managing modules,
starting indexing;

- dependency injection and object factory - instantiation of objects (models, blocks, helpers, etc.)
with the help of the factory that gives it, work with the class designer; di.xml;

- classes that are automatically generated - factories, interceptors;

- class overlap - how to expand the functionality of base classes, the role of configuration,
conflict resolution in multiple overlap of one class;

- system of plug-ins - an additional level of flexibility in expanding the basic functionality.

Let’s get started